Revolutionizing Your Music Experience

Lyricash is the first online “Africa Music Hub” with a reward program that enriches individuals
(music lovers) as they participate in various entertaining activities, and contribute to growing the membership on the platform.

Our platform allows you to see your progress, how much you have earned and your performance rate at a glance from the comfort of your mobile phone or computer as a user/member of the platform.
We have it all sorted out, we have levelled the playing field to ensure your success.

Music lovers can enjoy listening to various entertaining music available on the platform, write quality reviews to express their honest opinions about them and get paid for it.
As well as get paid when they do the “Free Daily Download” of music.

They also get paid to introduce others into the business as Affiliates/Business Associates, and build a Music Team on the platform.
Lyricash also reward you on the efforts of those who are in your Music Team.

Leadership Ranks can as well be achieved through points gathered from personal music purchase with your MusiCoins (MCs) on the platform, and the growing of your Team to get Gift Rewards and Incentives.

[What] we want to do is to empower people financially to enjoy a good lifestyle, get entertained, and bring hope to the dreams of the majority.

Lyricash - We pay, we entertain.


A robust catalogue of audio-digital products for your entertainment.
The one-stop digital music shop to download, listen, review and earn…

With our system, we’ve eliminated all restrictions, we make sure you get paid, and get entertained on these products as you join in building the Lyricash business.

Music and Money… 

…Your Dream Lifestyle!

Each digital audio on our “Audio Store” are of good quality, amazing features and comes with Product Volume (PV) as points that can be gathered towards huge gifts and cash rewards.

To support your passion, pays on Lyricash!