LYRICASH is the perfect opportunity that infuses business and entertainment for everyone, which means you are truly at the right place at the right time!

We have established an “Entertainment Reward Program” designed to provide assistance to Music/Financial empowerment through our online system and opportunity. The latest in Digital audio experience as a tool for both entertainment and Financial Empowerment as a means to add value to the lives of our users, while establishing a good support for the music industry.

LYRICASH is an online business opportunity registered and established in Nigeria with an operating office at 28 Aromire Avenue, Allen-Ikeja, Lagos-Nigeria. We are the future of music- entertainment business for everyone!


“To bring hope to people’s dream using music (entertainment)
as a tool for empowerment, support
and a better lifestyle.”


“To add value to the Music Industry, create a secured and rewarding business around entertainment for everyone, and render online digital product distribution services through our platform.”